Where is the Wild? Tipping Points Exhibition @ Stirley Farm

Works inspired by Stirley Farm Art & Writing Workshops

We are delighted to share an exhibition of works produced by attendees of our winter art and nature writing workshops, based at Castle Howard, Stirley Community Farm, and Wild Ennerdale. See below for the curated exhibition of works, which includes some fantastic and innovative artworks, creative writing and audio/film from our participants at the Stirley Farm nature writing and art workshops with Testament, Judith Tucker and Melanie Rose! If you would like to have a go at any of the workshops yourself, you can find the materials, along with videos and resources, here on our website.

There are alt-text descriptions of images and artworks for screen-reader users.

Art & Text

Linnah Ingham

Painting & Drawings

Lichen & Sky Study

A watercolour painting by Linnah Ingham called 'Lichen and Sky', with yellow lichen on a tree branch, with blues, greys and a patchwork pattern as the backgroun
Watercolour and Silverpoint on paper (28 x 28cm)

Anna Orridge


Green Corridors

I’ve always liked the phrase ‘green corridor’. As an environmentalist, I suppose I shouldn’t. Just another example of humans being unable to imagine nature outside of our own constructions and constructs. But a corridor… it’s a liminal space, isn’t it? You walk past a fanned deck of doors – doors you could open, but leave tantalizingly closed. You head towards a beckoning light or a gently gradated darkness.

We prise apart the landscape to make way for wildness: a wildness that will make its orderly and managed way along our green corridor. Or perhaps not.

I want green tunnels and green underpasses to go with the corridors. Let greenness spread around the estuaries of the train tracks that sprawl from our great rail stations.

Let it flow through the veins of our infrastructure, so we know it was always, always the pulse.

Helen Riddle

Textile Art

Rewilding Landfill

A mixed media textile artwork by Helen Riddle called 'rewilding landfil', incorporating a tree design in green and brown, underlaid with outlines of plastics, a washing machine, and other appliances behind. There is a green felt-looking border.

Erini Saratsi


Allotments – Soundscape – Taking a Line for a Walk

A sketch by Erini Saratsi of a vegetable plot with a tree in the foreground, overlooking hills.
A series of small sketches patched together on paper, creating rhythms and lines.
A continuous pencil line drawing in grey by Eirini Saratsi.
A grey pencil landscape sketch with lots of straight lines and dashes.

Lauren Temple


A poem by Lauren Temple, titled 'Outside of me'. The complex formatting of the text divides it into two sections on the page. It reads:

Headache-grey sky/ shifting nauseously/ it moves when pushed/ like black ice rolled up mountain/ it only gets thicker/

                                    there is a rugged kindness to her half-smile/ like when your dad makes you a brew without even asking/blazed grass softening/ hair re-tangling/she wears a fossilised shell around her/ neck craned towards sky/all she sees is daffodils

Graham Riding

Drawing & Painting

A coloured pencil sketch by Graham Riding, including a hill, buildings, a branch and possibly a river travelling under a bridge. It is made up of blues, greens, browns, and yellows.
An artwork by Graham Riding in colour, with a hill in the distance, possibly a path or railtrack leading under a bridge or into a tunnel. There are greys, browns, and yellows, with some green accents.
An artwork by Graham Riding, mostly done with black lines, creating a sense of landscape and rhythm on the page.

Ann McCall

Mixed Media Artwork

A mixed media artwork by Ann McCall in purple, black, green and blue. There are 9 boxes arranged in a grid pattern, there is a look of photo negatives to each square.
Patchwork Skies

A digital weaving of photographic snapshots (design for stained glass)

A continuous line artwork by Ann Mccall, with trees, pathways.

Working with both hands simultaneously, the lines follow both the journey through the landscape, attempting to map the route and capture some of its features, whilst at the same time, tracking the eye movement, particularly across the surface of the path.

Long Walk

This piece focuses on the following:

-the shadows on the ground which accentuate the undulations
-the tree structures which for a continuous link with the earth and the sky
-the fragmentation of the sky as seen through the lacework formed by the tree branches
-the air, filled with birdsong (links back to the first study)
-the longer view, journey and distance represented with the zigzags

Botanical drawing – Dandelion Seed Head – close up

A white drawing on a black background, described in the text on the right of the image.


Taking inspiration from the studies completed in the workshop and the artist’s work shared depicting landscape through the ages:

-fragmented sky seen through a lacework of branches

-close up views and details that can only be seen and appreciated on a ‘slow walk’

-layers of landscape, underground geology and roots systems plus over-ground fields

A botanical drawing of a poppy stigma, in green on pink and white background with some touches of yellow.
Botanical drawing – Poppy stigma
A purple-grey background divided into sections on the page, with snapshots of grasses, tree branches and other plants, some negative space has been removed to leave only the background.


Positive and negative space – rhythms in nature

A purple-grey background divided into 5 vertical segments with snapshots of grasses, tree branches and other plants, some negative space has been removed to leave only the background.


Patterns and textures in nature (design for textiles)

Victoria Walters


A sketch of a boar's face and upper body, in grey pencil with some brown accents and shading.



A poem by Anna Tuck. It reads:


Tears in eyes held back by golden, boyhood nostalgia,
Cherished memories of lazy summer days,
The lines on his face etched by joy and pain,
Old hands tend new lands, creating fertile ground.

Sally Barker


An artwork of a windswept tree without leaves, leaning to the left, with grey and beige shading in the background.
Tree sketch

Drawings in response to sound & walking

An artwork made up of black lines and marks, with some small dark mounds in the foreground like footsteps.




The feeling in this catchment now
Is stormy grey, smells like vetiver,
Sounds like hi-hat and the wind in the sailboat masts,
Veering north, maybe gale force later

But in catchments up the river 
It’s calmer and lighter
A greening corridor
Dynamic nature moving with the channel

Seed banks bring back what we’ve lost 
Ragged-robin herb robert great wood-rush red campion
Rooted and wild

My place is many miles from here
I think about that greening
Moving closer
Catchment by catchment

Sara Grisewood


A coloured set of sketches and marks on the page, titled 'Mapping the undergrowth palimpsest'. There are oranges, reds and blacks.
A series of pencil sketches in response to the workshop exercises, mostly lines and scribbled areas in response to sounds.
Some overlaid sketches on a white background with small drawings and designs, some of landscapes and some of plants and leaves close up. There are some grey pencil sketches and some with oranges and reds, with grey shading to create hills.
A botanical drawing of a moth in grey pencil with feathery wings and darker markings on its wings.

Susan Unwin


A grey pencil sketch spanning two pages of the landscape around Stirley Farm, with trees, hedgerows and the hill and tower in the background.
A grey pencil sketch possibly of trees and undergrowth.

Tina Tabrah

Drawings & Painting

A series of 4 black sketches on a page, focusing on different parts of the landscape, branches, plants, a path and hedge/wall and the tower in the distance.


A coloured botanical artwork of a merlin with blue wings, perched on some wood with its head turned towards the viewer.
A botanical sketch of a merlin, perched on some wood with its head turned towards the viewer.

A watercolour painting of a brown hare, outlined in black with tall ears, sitting on some green grass.

Sue Harrison

Mixed Media Artwork

A mixed media cardboard collage arranged in triangles tesselating, with a brown merlin in the centre.

Emma Tarlo


A grey and beige artwork by Emma Tarlo with two trees outlined in black, with birds in the sky above.
Quiet Trees
A series of line drawings in response to the sound exercise, creating a sense of sound and rhythm on the page.
A botanical sketch of a London Beetle in dark grey, with the subtitle: 'impostor!'
London Beetle
A grey artwork of a heron with orange beak, possibly in front of a body of water shaped with lines to create movement.

Martin Robinson


The Road Less Travelled

A note from the film creator:

“A love of walking and a year of lockdown have given me a chance to explore the footpaths, many previously unknown to me, which crisscross the landscape around my home. In doing so I have developed an even stronger affinity for the network of footways, many ancient, which reveal themselves slowly to the walker over time. Although nominally protected, even during the year I have walked them, the relentless pressures of the developer’s bulldozer have led to disappearances. This is a love song to that precious and threatened inheritance from generations of walkers before me, which we could be passing on intact to our future fellow travellers.”– Martin Robinson, April 2021

The creative workshops, and the creative work produced as a result, were organised as part of the Tipping Points project, funded by the UKRI via the Landscape Decisions Programme. We are thankful to our funders and partner organisations for supporting this project.

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