Tracks, Traces and Trails: Nature Revealed Audio Exhibition

The Land Lines website is delighted to showcase a variety of exciting audio work with you over the month of November! As part of the Tracks, Traces and Trails: Nature Revealed project, we have a brilliant range of soundscapes and audio recordings from both new and established sound artists, which offer new ways of listening to and connecting with our environment and the nonhuman life that we share it with. Click on the links below to explore!

Image by Gordon Johnson via Pixabay

Audio Exhibition

Tuesday 10th NovemberPeter Brooks – Listening to Bats
Wednesday 11th NovemberHarry Ovington – Sonic Rewild
Thursday 12th NovemberCat McEvoy – Skye Edge
Friday 13th NovemberJez riley French – Migration Between Nature and Listening
Monday 16th NovemberArchitects of Rosslyn – Natural Rites
Tuesday 17th NovemberNocturnal Insights – by Nikki Sheth
Wednesday 18th NovemberOctober Nocturns – by Scott McLaughlin
Thursday 19th NovemberSubterranea – by Cosmo Sheldrake
Friday 20th NovemberHidden Sounds – by David de la Haye feat. Jez Riley French
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