Nightjar Jars: Your Creations!

We are so pleased to see that people have enjoyed crafting with our Nightjar Jar papercut, designed by Douglas Black! Here are a selection of the lovely photos shared with us on social media – if you haven’t already had a go at making your own Nightjar Jar or colouring page, you can download and print it here!

Lanterns & Photo: Helen Clarke, via Twitter (@Attention2Place)

These two creations were shared by Helen Clarke on Twitter – both the papercut design and colouring page were used here to make two striking Nightjar Jars!

Lanterns & Photos: Maxwell and Margo, via Twitter

Another submission via Twitter – these colourful nightjar colouring pages were made into glowing lanterns!

Lantern & Photo: Xiaoxiao Ma, via Twitter

On Twitter, Xiaoxiao Ma shared a photo of her beautiful hanging nightjar jar, displayed here outside the School of English at the University of Leeds!

Lantern & Photo: Lucy Rowland, via Twitter
Slide to see two nightjar jars side by side! Lanterns & Photo: Suzie Cross

All of these beautiful creations were made possible by Douglas Black’s papercut design, commissioned especially for Nightjar Nights – and here are some jars that Douglas made himself!

See more of Douglas’ work here:

Coloured Lanterns (Photo: Douglas Black)

Join us back on the Land Lines website homepage from 8pm tomorrow, as Nightjar Nights continues – we are delighted to be able to share a piece of soundscape music by Cosmo Sheldrake, titled ‘Nightjar Wake Up Callfor Tuesday night’s page, along with a dedicated ‘Note from the Composer’! Don’t miss it!

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