Nightjar Art by Students @ Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

Tonight’s nightjar-themed work is some photos of the lanterns, pictures and research from the children of Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School.

Nightjar Nights is a series of works commissioned as part of a wider programme of activity titled Tracks, Traces and Trails, a key strand of the overarching Land Lines project.  The TTT project is working with children and older adults in nature reserves, and aims to raise awareness of environmental issues through creative interventions and commenced at the end of 2019. The children of Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School worked with professional artists from Handmade Parade to make Nightjar and nocturnal wildlife inspired lanterns, which were later used in an installation.  The children were so inspired by their work that they also researched nightjars themselves, and drew their own pictures! Take a look below at their wonderful creations.

We’re back at 8pm tomorrow with an exclusive reading from author Stephen Moss — and we are pleased to announce that Nightjar Nights has been extended! Check back on the website homepage on Sunday and Monday!

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