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Prof. David Higgins gives the keynote lecture at the virtual interdisciplinary conference ‘Habit in the Long Eighteenth Century’, at UCL, 20th–25th February 2021:

Land Lines Conference: keynote speakers Richard Kerridge, Miriam Darlington and Patrick Barkham in conversation with Richard Smyth at the historic Leeds Library


Dr Will Abberley on BBC Radio 3:

“The father of Virginia Woolf, Leslie Stephen, wrote that, although he loved the country, he loved it best in books. Ever since the ancient Greeks, writers have waxed lyrical about rural life, associating it with innocence, beauty and goodness.” Will Abberley, Land Lines team member, explores the question of why the countryside captures our imagination, in conversation with writers Melissa Harrison and Francis Pryor. Listen to the programme here (skip to 56.50 for the beginning of the discussion):

Dr Will Abberley has also spoken about our hunt for the UK’s favourite nature book here:

Dr David Higgins on Birds in Romantic Literature:

Author Mark Cocker gives a talk entitled ‘Messengers and Metaphors – Birds and Culture’:

Dr Will Abberley talks about literature and birds at the Booth Museum, Brighton:

Dr Will Abberley speaks to BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking programme about Land Lines and the UK’s favourite nature book poll:

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: Radio Programme

The AHRC’s Mike Collins, panellist Dr Miriam Darlington and others speak about the resurgence of nature writing in the UK over the last ten years and the Land Lines shortlist:


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