A Journey Through Lockdown by Andy Thatcher

The Land Lines blog is delighted to share this essay, with brilliant accompanying photos, from Andy Thatcher – a film maker, photographer, writer and researcher. You can visit Andy’s website and Instagram page for more. This essay reflects on the virtues of local walking in a time of lockdown. For more on this topic, checkContinue reading “A Journey Through Lockdown by Andy Thatcher”

‘Balance’ by Suzanne Davies

The Land Lines blog is pleased to share this poem by Suzanne Davies, accompanied by an illustration. Suzanne was inspired to write this by our Spring Nature Diary with the National Trust earlier this year! Balance In the warmth of springa sparrow comes to the garden he perches at the edgeof the old stone bathit’sContinue reading “‘Balance’ by Suzanne Davies”

Extract from Wanderland (2020) by Jini Reddy

The Land Lines Blog is pleased to be able to share with you this specially selected extract from Wanderland, a brand new book by Jini Reddy! Jini Reddy is an award-winning author and journalist. She was born in London to Indian parents who grew up in apartheid-era South Africa, and was raised in Montreal, Canada. Jini has a degreeContinue reading “Extract from Wanderland (2020) by Jini Reddy”

How Margiad Evans Wrote the Earth – by Steven Lovatt

Margiad Evans’ writing is largely unknown outside her adopted Wales, testifying to the anglocentrism of ‘British’ culture but also to the unclassifiable nature of her body of work. In this specially commissioned essay, Steven Lovatt introduces Evans as a nature writer of precision and feeling. He argues that the example of her personal and artistic integrityContinue reading “How Margiad Evans Wrote the Earth – by Steven Lovatt”

The crowd-sourced nature diary and the Covid-19 spring

As we announced in our last blog post, March 20th saw the launch of the second crowd-sourced spring nature diary, led this year by the National Trust. It also saw the country beginning to feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which were continuing to unfold through the week in which diary was open forContinue reading “The crowd-sourced nature diary and the Covid-19 spring”

Crowd-sourced Spring Nature Diary 2020

The deadline for contributing to the 2020 Spring Nature Diary has now passed– read the current list of entries, curated by Pippa Marland, here! by Pippa Marland, Land Lines Team As I stepped out along an urban street in the early evening yesterday, the clouds were clearing after a bout of heavy rain, and theContinue reading “Crowd-sourced Spring Nature Diary 2020”

Second Follow on Project Launches: ‘Tipping Points’

‘Tipping Points’: Cultural Responses to Wilding and Land-sharing in the North Land Lines is pleased to announce the launch of its second AHRC-funded follow on project, titled ‘Tipping Points’: Cultural Responses to Wilding and Land-sharing in the North. Tipping Points comes under the UKRI ‘Landscape Decisions’ programme, which seeks to “address the challenge of deliveringContinue reading “Second Follow on Project Launches: ‘Tipping Points’”

“Nature Writing Beyond the Page: Tracks, Traces and Trails” Land Lines First Follow-on Project Launches

The team behind the ‘Land Lines: British Nature Writing’ AHRC-funded project, along with some new additions, are excited to announce the successful AHRC funding and launch of its first follow-on project, called Nature Writing Beyond the Page: Tracks, Traces and Trails. Tracks, Traces and Trails is a creative engagement initiative, one that seeks to connectContinue reading ““Nature Writing Beyond the Page: Tracks, Traces and Trails” Land Lines First Follow-on Project Launches”

‘A Year in Kingcombe’ by Anita Roy

Today’s guest blog comes from one of the finest new voices on the British nature writing scene, Anita Roy, with extracts from her wonderful account of a calendar year at Kingcombe in Dorset. First published month by month in Little Toller’s online nature journal The Clearing , the diary quickly gained a devoted following. It is nowContinue reading “‘A Year in Kingcombe’ by Anita Roy”