The crowd-sourced nature diary and the Covid-19 spring

As we announced in our last blog post, March 20th saw the launch of the second crowd-sourced spring nature diary, led this year by the National Trust. It also saw the country beginning to feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which were continuing to unfold through the week in which diary was open forContinue reading “The crowd-sourced nature diary and the Covid-19 spring”

‘A Year in Kingcombe’ by Anita Roy

Today’s guest blog comes from one of the finest new voices on the British nature writing scene, Anita Roy, with extracts from her wonderful account of a calendar year at Kingcombe in Dorset. First published month by month in Little Toller’s online nature journal The Clearing , the diary quickly gained a devoted following. It is nowContinue reading “‘A Year in Kingcombe’ by Anita Roy”

‘The Shock of the New Nature Writing’ by Richard Kerridge

Ahead of the New Networks for Nature symposium taking place in York from 31st October to 3rd November, we’re delighted to reprint from the New Networks for Nature blog (with kind permission from Richard and the NNN team) Richard Kerridge’s wonderfully succinct account of new nature writing. A few tickets are still available for theContinue reading “‘The Shock of the New Nature Writing’ by Richard Kerridge”

Process: on writing, inexperience and Kathleen Jamie – by Lauren Maltas

Today we post the final essay in our summer series of emerging nature writers. As we welcome new students to the University of Leeds and the School of English this week, we are delighted to be publishing the work of one of our current English Literature undergraduates, Lauren Maltas.  In “Process: on writing, inexperience andContinue reading “Process: on writing, inexperience and Kathleen Jamie – by Lauren Maltas”

The rise and popularity of British Nature Writing: an interview with Pippa Marland by Gunhild Riske

The Danish journalist and anthropologist Gunhild Riske interviewed Pippa as part of her research for a forthcoming article on British nature writing for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. We are delighted to post the full text of the interview on the Land Lines website today, illustrated with photos by Gunhild, Dan Reid, and artwork by KatieContinue reading “The rise and popularity of British Nature Writing: an interview with Pippa Marland by Gunhild Riske”

Notes on Return, Recycling and Renewal

By Kim Crowder In the second installment of our summer series of new nature writing, Kim Crowder reflects beautifully on the dramas of the natural world that took place during the course of this year’s spring and early summer in the microcosm of a stable roof, noting the ‘returns’ that the season brought and theContinue reading “Notes on Return, Recycling and Renewal”

‘Snickets’ by Nic Wilson

Snicket steps, Gyffin, image credit Rob Carter We are delighted to announce the start of a special series of blog posts throughout July, August and September featuring new work from emerging nature writers. First up is Nic Wilson’s ‘Snickets’ – a beautiful meditation on memory and the daily renewal of our contact with the land.  Continue reading “‘Snickets’ by Nic Wilson”

Places of Poetry: giving voice to environmental heritage

Calling all poets! Read on to find out about a wonderful new project inviting contributions of poetry that celebrates and commemorates special places around England and Wales. Guest blog by Professor Andrew McRae from the University of Exeter. On Britain’s disappearing woodlands, Michael Drayton, writing four hundred years ago, was as articulate and passionate as anyContinue reading “Places of Poetry: giving voice to environmental heritage”