Pen and Plough Writing Workshops Exhibition

One of the final outputs of the Land Lines ‘Tipping Points’ project – fantastic writing by land workers around the UK

The Pen and the Plough

William Robb, Bathgate Ploughing Match, 1914. Photo from the collection of Kirsty Tait, used with permission.

Introduction by Patrick Laurie and Emily Diamand

Nature writing has discovered a new level of popularity. Fresh and varied voices have allowed readers to connect with the natural world, and the countryside has been reimagined as a place of restoration, recreation and ecological intrigue. It’s an exciting time for the genre, but in the midst of this surge, it’s clear that some voices remain oddly quiet.

Farmers and land workers are frequently mentioned in nature writing, but they often feature as part of the scenery; they’re ambiguous figures at work in the background. It’s no surprise that these people should seem marginal in a country where less than one percent of the population is involved in producing food, but it can mean that farming voices are unusually hard to hear. This issue is compounded…

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