‘Balance’ by Suzanne Davies

The Land Lines blog is pleased to share this poem by Suzanne Davies, accompanied by an illustration. Suzanne was inspired to write this by our Spring Nature Diary with the National Trust earlier this year!

Illustration by Lucy Davies


In the warmth of spring
a sparrow comes to the garden

he perches at the edge
of the old stone bath
it’s cold

he’s watchful
takes his sip, silent

and I see
just for a second
poised in the balance of his beak

a bubble of water
a circle of light so pure
that I hold my breath

and then it’s gone

and he flies off
into the canopy of leaves
I almost cut
weighted with twisted vines
winter thorns descending

and I watch, trembling
in the balance of his being
as I listen to his song for the world

as perfect as a drop
of pure water

paused between
sunlight and shadows

Sunday May 10th

Sparrow illustration by Lucy Davies, Photo by Suzanne Davies

About the Author

Suzanne is a Classics teacher and loves teaching both language and literature. She has two rescue dogs, and spends hours walking on the local beaches in South Wales photographing the wild flowers, butterflies and the sea in all weathers. She also loves sitting in the garden watching the sparrows.

2 thoughts on “‘Balance’ by Suzanne Davies

  1. It is important that words and images can be shaped in a way that helps us to see just that little bit more of the wonder of ordinary life- which isn’t in the least ordinary. Lovely contribution. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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